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Intuitive Coaching


My intuitive coaching skills mean I can listen, empathise and aid you to realise your full potential and bring the values that you show in your family life into the workplace. It also means I can help you see solutions that elude others so that your business can thrive and your colleagues can also feel inspired, fulfilled and imbued with your values.

And I can make you laugh!

You’ll become an authentic entrepreneur so you can be your true self both in your personal life and in the business world. It means being as kind to your staff, competitors and suppliers as you would be to your family.  This isn’t easy of course. But practicing authenticity and integrity will pay dividends in the market place.

 I have a Computer Science degree and have meditated for 45 years (way before it became fashionable!). I’m also an Executive Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner and last but not least I’ve done Stand-Up comedy training.

I charge £300 per 90 minute session BUT if that’s an issue just let me know as I am particularly keen to help those starting out.

Sessions are now on Zoom only. I work on an individual basis and I don’t take on corporate clients or facilitate group or in-person sessions.

Contact me by email: for questions and to set up an exploratory chat.

What they say….

‘Stephen Kirk is a rare man who always looks through the superficial and sees the truth. His perception and sensitivity forces one to be honest about one’s own motives in every situation. His quiet, contemplative manner emboldens when tough decisions need to be made, His robust and strong moral compass empowers one to take the difficult or path less travelled. I consider myself privileged to have worked with him and to know him.’ Etienne De Villiers, Former Chairman BBC Worldwide

‘Stephen is one of the smartest and most insightful businessmen I have worked with. He has a huge amount of experience working across a number of industries and is able to look at business and human capital issues in a unique way to solve complex problems effectively and efficiently. He also has uncompromising integrity and is fun to work with.’ Marcus Watson Co-Founder and CEO Adoreum

‘Stephen is a fantastic experienced strategic advisor with an array of contacts that has proved to be instrumental in We-Represent’s fundraising process. The advice and entrepreneurial knowledge that Stephen provides will add significant value to your start up’ James Ponnusamy Co-Founder and CEO We-Represent

‘As a coach myself, I knew what I was looking for in my next coach. Someone well-trained and not doctrinaire. Someone kind and tough. Someone smart, with a deep knowledge of the world, people and commerce. Happily, Stephen was all that and more’ James Caplin Executive Coach

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