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About Me

I was lucky because I never had any training and consequently I approached business in a natural way not complicated by meaningless jargon but as I progressed my simplicity and naturalness were diluted by the pervading business culture around me. I felt obliged to hide my true personality to fit into the business world full of unspoken rules. I never felt comfortable in this world but wasn’t brave enough to break free.

Then I had a major illness and was in intensive care on the night after a major operation. There I made a promise to myself. From now on I would be me and to the best of my abilities I would engage with those I met in business in exactly the same way as I behaved with my friends.

It was by no means easy. Somehow we have come to believe that we should use jargon to explain simple business concepts. That we should be less than honest to get business, or be critical of our competitors. That we should accept those we work with even when they have completely different values.

I work with entrepreneurs who want to create a fundamentally different environment for those around them. Who treat business as a spiritual practice.
I have met the most remarkable people and had amazing good fortune. But I have also been the target of industrial espionage, nepotism and was in days of becoming bankrupt were it not for a remarkable last minute turn of events.

Life in general and business in particular will throw challenges at you, which you will need to overcome. But you can deal with these challenges in a new way, with humour and light heartedness and perhaps the most powerful tools -fun, silence and walking – and I will show you how!

Authenticity means genuine. It doesn’t mean being a better version of yourself -it means Being Yourself by allowing the mind to become quiet and honouring your intuition. The business world is full of theories which can overburden the mind. You spend so much time in your head in a meeting that you miss the small details. The details that will help you empathise. Listening is the key. Listen to what a potential client is saying instead of trying to make a sales pitch but don’t be afraid either to push back.

Once a potential client Alan was driving me mad trying to drive my ‘final’ price down. Frankly I’d given up on him and was packing to go on holiday. My home phone rang and it was Alan badgering me again for a better deal. I told him that he was the most annoying client I’d ever known and I wasn’t going to sell him anything now. There was silence for a short while then he humbly accepted my offer and a few weeks later offered me a job.

 I once had to do a deal with Sky TV in its early days. I was negotiating a joint venture except to make it work I needed Sky to grant me the first £2m of revenue to recover my costs so I went to chat with Mark Booth, then the CEO of Sky. I was struck by how he was without airs and graces. He offered me a cup of tea and then went off to make it himself. Then we chatted about my business issue and he agreed my deal. When I returned to the office everyone was stunned.

Bruce Gyngell the late CEO of TV-AM, one of the first commercial TV channels was the most authentic businessperson I have ever met. He used to work out on a trampoline every morning in his office and on our first meeting he was bouncing up and down in shorts. We discussed a way of earning TV-AM revenue in the last days of its franchise. I proposed an on-air competition where I predicted TV-AM would earn £1m in 3 months. Well that competition made them £997k, which I rounded up to £1m. The shareholders were amazed, that competition was legendary for a number of years – but it would never have happened if I hadn’t established real rapport with Bruce so that he was willing to persuade the regulatory authorities to change their rules to enable the competition to take place.

 I want to help you to develop these skills and I have the tools. When we’re together you’ll develop new insights, learn to relax, increase empathy and rapport. Not only will I increase your commercial instincts but most importantly help you enjoy more of life!


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