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Stephen Kirk – The Intuitive Coach

March 3, 2020

stephen kirk

I’m offering intuitive coaching to you if you’re interested in exploring your business world in the context of how it enhances your life and those around you.

I’m pretty unique in that I had a calling to go into business during a 4 month meditation retreat. That led me to founding a cable TV franchise and pioneering interactive television and using cable TV for telephony services. But alongside I have an intense interest in alternative health and spirituality.

I’ve founded, acquired and sold companies. I’ve dealt with investor relations, bankruptcies, international operations, Board disputes. And I’ve just spent 15 years on the Boards of Technology and TV production companies.

But I’m also qualified as a NLP Master Practitioner, Executive Coach, meditator and intuitive.

This gives me the ability to advise on both a practical business level as well as offering advice from my intuitive abilities.

I work on Zoom only with a few clients. I don’t take on corporate work, group sessions or in-person coaching. 

If you’d like to have a chat, just email me

I look forward to hearing from you.


By the way, I have written a book entitled The Authentic Entrepreneur in support of The Prince’s Trust which helps young people start their own enterprises. See

It consists of my own journey into business and also those of 12 entrepreneurs of varying age, location and experience. Some just starting and others at the end of their careers but all interested in giving something back as well as making a living.

My publisher Genius Media and I are donating all our Royalties to The Trust and £3 from the sale of every book is donated to the Trust.

To buy The Authentic Entrepreneur here

Thank you!


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